Fountain Storybooks

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and educate children through interactive reading. We aim to teach children various concepts through play, while fostering a love of reading. By using children’s innate curiosity, we motivate them to discover exciting surprises while they explore our books. Our focus is on building self-esteem and empowering the kids who read our stories.

Our Titles

William Worm

The story of William Worm seeks to develop children’s ability to stop and think, and then make good choices. William comes across as an unkind worm, until he realizes that making bad decisions make him feel pretty awful inside. When he becomes aware of this, he learns to make better choices. Changing his ways makes himself and others feel great. This book is based on an Anasazi Legend, and is available at


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Monster Mommy

Mommy Monster is a story about a loving and affectionate mom who, every once in a while, gets frustrated with her Little Monster. After she loses her cool, she admits that she was wrong and apologizes, because even grown-ups make mistakes. Most importantly, even when we get upset with our little ones, they need to know that we love them unconditionally.

Baby Bird

Baby Bird is the adventure of a timid, yet inquisitive young bird who learns how to be brave. Baby Bird gains the confidence to spread her wings and learn to fly, while still appreciating the safety and love of her family and home.

Tigress Finds Her Roar

Tigress has found herself to be the target of bullies because her stripes are a little bit different. By making a positive affirmation that she says every day, she gains a love of herself. She overcomes her insecurities by finding her voice and roaring.

Robot Robert

Robot Robert has an energy power meter that is nearly empty. Feeling empty inside makes him act out in a negative way. He tries to steal energy from other robots, but this only makes his energy level decrease even more. He learns the powerful lesson that the only way to fill himself up, is by doing nice things for others, which in turn fills up their power meters as well.

About Fountain Storybooks

Jessica LaFountain

Jessica graduated with a BA in Psychology and English at the University of New York. She continued her education at SUNY Albany, earning a Master in Advanced Liberal studies. As the mother of three young sons, she appreciates how it important it is to encourage creativity and curiosity in children. She believes interactive stories help children to learn through fun and unique ways that will guide them to acquire new skills and understanding. Jessica’s passion is to use reading to empower children, so they can achieve greater self-esteem and better decision-making.